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a unique solution to create beautifully illuminated shelving displays.

introduction to Magna-lite.

Magna-lite is an innovative, magnetic shelf-lighting solution which enables retailers to quickly and cost-effectively illuminate goods displayed on shelving units. Evidence has shown that with the help of shelf-lighting, sales can be increased by up to 13%.


The Magna-lite operates by using a discreet, slimline LED system which is fully magnetic. Unlike other shelf lighting systems Magna-lite is not only quick and simple to fit but can also be rearranged with ease, allowing for a hassle-free experience. The system takes just minutes to install by unskilled personnel, eliminating the need for expensive shop-fitting services.


Low-voltage electricity is distributed along the vertical, magnetic power-track via similarly, magnetic power-blocks. This illuminates the highly-efficient, low-energy LED magnetic light-bars attached to the underside of the shelves.


The Magna-lite uses the latest LED lighting technology to produce a simple, yet effective solution allowing you to create beautifully lit shelving-displays with a high-impact effect. This makes for an efficient alternative to wide-area illumination, providing focused, accented light to each shelf or to specific products.


LEDs are compact, versatile and boast longer lifespans than any other lighting technology available today. Their robust durability, economical power usage and the low-maintenance associated with LEDs are just some of the many reasons why they are increasingly being used for shelf-lighting, illuminated signage and displays. This combined with Magna-lite’s ease of installation makes a very cost effective way to increase sales.

benefits of Magna-lite.

discreet illumination solution.
The slim design of the Magna-lite allows you to illuminate your displays without the fuss of bulky lighting and endless wires.
The LED strip featured in the range is only 13mm wide x 7mm high.
easy to install & reposition without any wiring. 
The Magna-lite system is fully magnetic, making it simple to install without the use of numerous tools, you won’t even need an electrician.
non-permanent fixing that can be re-used. 
As the Magna-lite is fully magnetic, this makes the the kit simple to move or be rearranged without the need to rewire. This can even be achieved while your products are on display, making it a hassle free experience.
uses the latest LED technology.
The Magna-lite uses environmentally friendly, 12V, low temperature, energy efficient LEDs.
long life span. 
LED Lighting has a proven long life with a running time in excess of 50,000 hours.
help increase sales.
The use of LED lighting helps illuminate your individual products or shelves, showing them to their full effect, making them more eye-catching to the customer
very cost effective.
Maintenance costs are kept low as the LEDs will rarely need to be changed. Installation is quick and easy saving costs on electricians.

how the Magna-lite works.

The Magna-lite is made up of 5 main components that make up a magnetic system that is simple to install.


The 5 main components include:

Power Tracks

Cover Track

Rear Track

Power Supply

LED Light bars


The system is designed to be installed on metal shelving, in less than five minutes per bay, with no tools or skilled trade’s persons.


A magnetic power track distributes low voltage electricity vertically; magnetic power blocks then provide electrical power to highly efficient LED light bars, which are attached by magnets to the underside of shelves.


The patented power track is designed to slide between the shelf and rear panel without cutting or adjustment of metalwork or trimming of cables, meaning that Magna-lite can be quickly installed on stocked shelves.


For installation information, please take a look at our Magna-lite Installation video. 

we are seeking European distributors. 

We are seeking European distributors for our Magna-lite LED shelf lighting system. 

The ideal distributor will be supplying shop fitters and retailers.

Full support is available to the right partner.

This is a great opportunity to get in on something new and exciting. 

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