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At DMUK we pride ourselves on our knowledge of lighting, our innovative products and the bespoke solutions we provide to our customers.


Over the past 8 years we have worked closely with our overseas partners to build and establish a relationship to ensure that we receive the latest and highest quality LED products that meet our high standards.


As lighting technology evolves as do our products, from our ever increasing range of illuminated lightboxes, our bespoke builds and now our new innovation in shelf lighting systems, Magna-Lite.


Shelf lighting is increasingly popular within modern retail spaces, not only drawing customers’ attention to presentation areas, but highlighting the product on display.

magna-lite shelf lighting. 

Magna-lite is an innovative, magnetic shelf-lighting solution which enables retailers to quickly and cost-effectively illuminate goods displayed on shelving units. Evidence has shown that with the help of shelf-lighting, sales can be increased by up to 13%.

A unique solution to create beautifully illuminated shelving displays. 

LED light bars. 

A cost effective LED lighting solution.

DMUK Lighting’s Light Bars are a simple, cost effective LED lighting solution perfect for under shelf lighting, interior store design, display cabinets, kitchens and many more applications.


The Aluminium channel houses our DMUK Lighting Flexistrip and comes complete with an opal diffuser to help evenly disperse the light to illuminate any spotting.


Our LED Light Bars are generally used with Pure or Warm White IP20 rated LEDs, suitable for Internal use but our Flexistrip range also includes an IP65 rated strip that can be used in our Light Bars if better suited.

the choice is yours.

your length.
your colour.
your specification.

Our LED Light Bars are manufactured to order so that we can supply to your chosen length and specification.


As well as Pure/Warm white LEDs we are also able to offer a range of colours and RGB options.


Let us know your application, length and colour choice and we can let you know which of our LEDs will best suit. 

sometimes simplicity is the key.

We understand that sometimes simplicity is the key, so here at DMUK we stock a range of power supplies and connectors that can be used with our Light Bars to be made into a plug and play kits - enabling our customers to simply plug the power supply into the mains (if IP20 rated desktop drivers) after installing the bar into the desired location.


Our LED Light Bars can be used with splitters so that more than one lightbar can run off the same driver.

plug & play LED bar.

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