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BACKLIT 56 - Cropped.jpg
BACKLIT 56 Lightbox Profile - 32mm Front.jpg
BACKLIT 56 - 3528 LEDs.jpg

56mm Deep Snap Frame Lightbox

Our BACKLIT 56 uses the same 36mm rear case as its sibling, the BACKLIT 49, but here fitted with a 32mm snap frame front (three options available), giving an overall depth of 56mm.  The larger frame allows for an internally mounted driver with a single mains cable exiting the box for easier installation.  Backlit with a matrix of super-bright 3528 LEDs, diffused through a 3mm opal acrylic panel.

Manufactured to order in almost any size.


56mm overall depth
32mm Snap Frame front (three options available)
Clear front sheet
3mm opal acrylic diffuser
Backlit with a matrix of 3528 Super-Bright LEDs
Aluminium back panel
Driver located inside the lightbox, single mains cable
Silver anodised as standard (powder coated finish also available)
For use with paper or ‘duratran’ style posters (quoted separately)

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