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Backlit Lightboxes

Backlit Lightboxes are a versatile and effective way of displaying illuminated marketing messages, from the latest Movie Poster in a local cinema, to a high fashion ad campaign in a premium department store. Traditionally a ‘duratran’ type poster is used, which is a high-quality print on a thin plastic, which gives the highest possible print quality available, and the front snap frame or locking door make changing the poster a doddle.

Our range of Backlit Lightboxes are available in several different front frame styles and two different rear case depths.  Each has its own strengths. From our slim BACKLIT 49, to our secure outdoor spec BACKLIT LOCKABLE, we’ve got a solution that will suit your requirements.


BACKLIT 49 - Cropped.jpg
49mm Deep Snap Frame Lightbox
Our slimmest BACKLIT Lightbox


BACKLIT 56 - Cropped.jpg
56mm Deep Snap Frame Lightbox
32mm Frame with Built In Driver


BACKLIT 120 - Cropped.jpg
120mm Deep Snap Frame Lightbox
Great for larger sizes, built in driver


BACKLIT Lockable - Cropped.jpg
Lockable Backlit Lightbox
Ideal for busy public locations

BACKLIT 120 Outdoor

BACKLIT 120 Outdoor - Cropped.jpg
120mm Deep Outdoor Lightbox
Waterproof LEDs and Drivers!


BACKLIT Lockable Outdoor - Cropped.jpg
Waterproof Lockable Lightbox
Ready for the Great Outdoors!


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Now part of Peerless-Assigns

DMUK is now part of Peerless-Assigns. From the blank canvas of a new retail space, right through to a grand opening, we can support all your Graphic and Merchandising Display needs.

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