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Fabric 125

FABRIC 125 Lightbox (LARGE) - In Situ.jpg
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FABRIC 125 - Side Illumination.jpg

125mm Deep Fabric Faced Lightbox

For a freestanding, double sided lightbox option, look no further than our FABRIC 125.  The sturdy 125mm deep aluminum frame is perfect for larger sizes and, with the addition of its plate steel feet, is completely self-supporting.

Side-illuminated from inside along the long edges with our Super-Bright 24v Power-LEDs, the illumination to both fabric faces is bright and even, allowing a maximum span of around 3m between the illuminated edges.  And by joining sections together we can manufacture these lightboxes in very long lengths, with a single fabric graphic per side (up to around 3m x 10m), making them a great way to fill a shop window or break up a large space.  They are also perfect for exhibitions and can be supplied in knock down kit form for easy shipping and quick assembly.

The FABRIC 125 is also great in smaller sizes, and the freestanding nature of the design allows them to be very flexible within your retail space as they do not require fixing to the floor and are, thus, simple to move around as needed. 

The FABRIC 125 can also be manufactured to hang with ceiling hanging kits or as a single sided unit with the use of a block-out fabric on one side.


125mm deep aluminium frame
Silver anodised as standard (powder coated finish also available)
No back panel required
Sidelit with Super-Bright 24v Power-LEDs
Driver(s) located inside the lightbox with single mains cable exiting
Ceiling hanging kits available
Suitable for tensioned fabric graphic with rubber edging (quoted separately)
FABRIC 125 Lightbox - In Situ.jpg

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